I am starting this blog to share new viewpoints on travel, locations, and everything that goes with it. I’m leaving my home country (possibly for good) to find new adventures and to push myself out of my comfort zone, because life is fleeting. And no matter how comfortable I am alone in my small modern apartment, l get the feeling I’d be happier out in the world. Travel is almost always connected to amazing highs, but also some low points. And though the low points can be very rough, and you could definitely avoid them by staying home, isn’t it still better to feel something?

My travel history is quite colorful and here’s to name a few places I’ve been to:

  • Australia
  • USA
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Greece
  • and a few more…

Currently I’m located in Finland, but I won’t be for long. In two days I’ll be going to Holland to spend time in Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside for two weeks. In two months I’ll be heading to Australia for about a week before continuing on my way to New Zealand, where I will be living and working for anywhere up to a year before getting back on the road.

I’m about to embrace both the good and the bad of traveling. So far I’ve turned down a prestigious job to be able to go, and I live in the fear that my only living grandma and my family’s elderly pet dog won’t be here to see me when I get back. I’m 25 now and the older I get the harder leaving seems to become. And that is exactly why I feel I must go. There’s never a good time to move to the other side of the globe from your loved ones, but this is the right time, and I will live to the fullest. And that is what traveling is. It’s about exploring everything life can be with no regrets.

While I embark on these travels I’ll be updating my blog throughout. I plan to blog about the ups and downs, the best and the worst, and even about the practical side of travel. Hopefully you’ll find useful tips on where to go on your travels and how to do it. Be it the best country, city, or coffee place, I hope I can help you choose, and maybe share some nice photos and memories in the process.

Please let me know what you think of my posts in the comments! I’m always interested in hearing from you.

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